Ethel Brooks este invitată la București în cadrul unui atelier desfășurat în perioada 24-26 aprilie, la Muzeul Culturii Romilor: Drumul Săbăreni nr 101-125, București.
Iată descrierea și agenda evenimentului organizat de Nicoleta Bițu, Asociația ,,Romano ButiQ”.
Romani everyday life is marked by critical performance and performativity. Romani survival in Europe, over the course of a millennium, has been contingent upon the adoption and practice of a number of strategies, including oral history, storytelling, music, dance and theatre, as well as upon everyday narratives, that perform intelligible Romani identities for Roma and non-Roma alike. We draw inspiration from Stuart Hall’s contention, in 1989, that “…there is another position, one which locates itself inside a continuous struggle and politics around black representation but which then is able to open up a continuous critical discourse about themes, about the forms of representation, the subjects of representation, above all, the regimes of representation.”  Twenty-five years later, we are interested in working through Stuart Hall’s “other position” with regard to Romani performance, artistic production and politics; in a moment when Romani people are marginalized, excluded and subject to violence across Europe and beyond, how do we understand, theorize, articulate and practice a position that takes seriously the politics and struggle around, above all, regimes of representation?
Over the course of a two-day workshop marked by performance provocations, we will consider the openings for and potential of exchange, collaboration and critique across and among Romani communities in Europe, which are at once diverse and at the same time share cultural and community practices, languages and ways of being, as well as parallel histories of oppression, exploitation and marginalization. By sharing practice, critique and experience among performance scholars and practitioners, the workshop will begin a mapping and networking of the current claim-staking practices of performance, its critical stance and its multiple forms, with the hope of producing new possibilities in performance and politics alike. 
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European Network of Migrant Women

-         reprezinta preocuparile, nevoile si interesele femeilor imigrante din Europa.


Rights, Equality, Solidarity, Power in Europe and Co-operation Today

-         organizatie a muncitorilor casnici imigranti care lupta pentru drepturile femeilor si ale barbatilor ce lucreaza in intretinerea gospodariilor din Europa

-         membrii:

Filipino Organization

KASAPI (Grecia)

Dominican Women’s Organization

WOMADE (Spania)

BABAYLAN – organizatia femeilor filipineze din Europa


FILCAMS-CGIL – sindicat din Italia

Organizatia RESPECT (Germania) care cuprinde multe alte asociatii


Black European Women’s Council

-         organizatie prezenta in 17 state membre ale UE

TIYE International

-         organizatie umbrela a 21 de ONG-uri ale femeilor de culoare, imigrante si refugiate din Olanda

-         co-fondator al BEWC


Women in Informal Empoyment: Globalizing and Organizing

-         isi propune sa imbunatateasca statutul muncitorilor saraci, in special al femeilor din economia informala


European Trade Union Confederation

-         importanta includerii tuturor muncitorilor din economia informala, mai ales a celor din sectorul domestic


International Domestic Workers’ Network

-         abordeaza probleme ale drepturilor muncitorilor domestici si ale sindicatelor

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